Private Money Management

Private Money Management is Lifetime Capital Management’s premiere service. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you choose as our investment advisors listen to your goals and create customized investment portfolios that meet your needs. This service includes financial planning, proactive investment management, and personal attention to continually manage risk in both good and challenging markets.

Investment Landscape Includes:

  • Individual equities
  • Bonds
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Closed-end funds
  • Low cost, no-load mutual funds

We may also recommend option strategies such as covered calls for increasing income or equity collars to reduce risk in concentrated positions. Your investments and portfolio are typically reviewed daily, which doesn’t mean that changes are made daily, weekly, or even monthly. It simply means your account receives very dedicated care. We make changes when opportunities present themselves to increase assets or decrease risk. Our goal is to communicate clearly to improve the performance of your investment portfolio.

Historically, the market in more prolonged bear cycles can take away 30 to 50% of your portfolio. To sit back and do nothing is unacceptable, and worse yet, to pay someone to do nothing is worse. Our approach is easy to follow and ensures that you are never left in the dark on why we are taking the steps we are taking.

  • Tactical asset allocation – we overweight and underweight various parts of the market to better position your portfolio.
  • Hands on management – your advisor will never have more than 75 clients at a time
  • Affordable, strategic advice – Fees associated with the service start at 100 basis points (1.00%) and decrease as your assets grow.
  • Unbiased, fair recommendations – Lifetime Capital Management uses TD Ameritrade to hold custody of client assets, which means we make no profit from product recommendations and that it’s impossible for us to defraud client’s money or assets.

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