Financial Planning

When ongoing, full-time money management is not desired, a comprehensive financial plan may be the solution for you.  We start the process by conducting a thorough interview to help you define your financial goals and objectives.   We then analyze all of the data gathered and produce a financial roadmap of where you currently sit, where you are trying to go and what are the appropriate steps to get you there.  This financial plan will help guide the decisions you make into future and get you started on the right foot to reaching your goals and dreams.

The fee for a comprehensive financial plan is an hourly fee and will be quoted to you during the initial discovery meeting.  The minimum fee for a financial plan is $500 and is based on the complexity of your situation and time involved for creating your plan.  It is our recommendation that your financial plan will need to be updated every couple years or whenever a major life event changes your situation, i.e. retirement, birth of a child, home purchase, etc.