Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between your firm and my stock broker or bank?
A: Stock brokers and banks are in the business of selling products to their customers that are deemed ‘suitable’ to their situation. They have an inherent conflict of interest to recommend certain products over others based on their compensation structure. Lifetime Capital Management serves as a fiduciary to you, which simply means that your interests must be put ahead of our own. You pay us for consultation services, which includes investment review and money management assistance. You do not pay us for buying a loaded fund, unit investment trust or insurance product.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Lifetime Capital Management is located in Englewood, Colorado with a satellite office in Broomfield, CO. We will meet with you on your terms and location of your choice if our office is not convenient to you.

Q: Who is your target client?
A:We will work with any size of portfolio in our Financial Planning services.  For our actively managed investment management service, we require a minimum of $250,000 of investable assets.

Q: What is Lifetime Capital Management’s Investment Philosophy?
A: Our philosophy revolves around building and maintaining a well-diversified portfolio. We also believe that risk must be managed proactively in both good and challenging market conditions. We have a clear bias towards preserving your wealth and will take action in difficult market conditions that warrant additional protection.

Q: Is my money safe with Lifetime Capital Management?
A: Yes it is. This is perhaps one of the most important questions you can ask your advisor. Lifetime Capital Management takes pride in our level of integrity and honesty. We have all heard of instances where someone has been defrauded of money or assets, and have seen banks or financial institutions fail. Lifetime Capital Management does not take custody of client assets. Instead, we work with firms like TD Ameritrade that hold your assets. Your custodian carries SIPC insurance and likely carries additional private insurance to help protect you from their failure.

Q: Can I have my money with different custodians?
A: Yes you can. We recommend TD Ameritrade Investments to our clients and hold the majority of our assets with their firm, but it is your choice. Our portfolio management and reporting software will work with nearly all brokerage firms.

Q: How does Lifetime Capital Management evaluate and determine the best investments?
A: We start by working with you to determine the best investment plan for your situation. From that baseline, we determine what sectors of the market are most attractive to provide an overweight. Lastly, we break down the best individual stocks, etf’s and funds to buy based on a combination of quantitative and fundamental analysis.

Q: How often is my portfolio reviewed?
A: In the financial planning service, the timing of reviews is your choice. If your portfolio is more complex or the market conditions are changing dramatically, we recommend that we meet more frequently. Clients most commonly choose annual check-ups, whenever goals change or a substantial life event occurs i.e. marriage, birth of child, retirement, etc.

Lifetime Capital Management’s on-going investment management service is a proactively managed solution. Your investments and portfolio are typically reviewed daily. This doesn’t mean that changes are made daily, weekly, or even monthly. We make changes when opportunities present themselves to increase assets or decrease risk.

Q: How often will we discuss my accounts and performance?
A: For our investment management clients, we will have regularly scheduled quarterly reviews as well as phone calls or emails updating you on your progress. You are also encouraged to call when you have questions or thoughts.

Q: How many clients does my adviser work with?
A: In another effort to put your numbers ahead of our own, each advisor will work with only 75-100 clients.

Q: What are your fees?
A: We bill our clients based on the service we provide. We charge hourly for services in financial planning service, or you may choose to have your portfolio actively managed based on assets under management in our investment management service. The fees for Private Wealth Management start at 100 basis points (1%) and decrease quickly as your assets grow.

Q: How often am I billed?
A: For financial planning fees, you are billed after the service is completed. Fees are billed quarterly for the on-going investment management service.

Q: What does the average portfolio look like?
A: Every client portfolio differs because different clients have different goals and we do not provide one-size-fits-all management. We work around cost basis issues, income needs, sentimental attachments, and social or religious biases. With that said, all of our portfolios will be well diversified in a combination of stocks, low cost mutual funds, individual stocks and bonds, and exchange traded funds (etf’s). We will consider option strategies for clients looking to protect concentrated positions or seeking additional income.